What you should know

I work in partnership with you (in the relationship sense, not the legal sense). That partnership is one of open communication, trust, honesty and integrity. We will discuss projects, questions and the goals you would like to achieve together.  

I'm constantly working on my own professional development. Although you will not be billed for the time that I'm learning, you will definitely benefit from new skills that I learn and master.  

In the spirit of problem-solving and efficiency, I may bring to your attention new ideas and tools. Part of the reason you are working with me is because I am a skilled administrative professional with many resources at my fingertips. I'm here to help you save time and money, and I have many ways of doing just that. However, you are the decision maker in your business, and it's up to you to decide what tools, if any, you would like to try.

The best relationships happen when you work together.

Time Tracking

I use Quickbooks for time tracking and reporting. Invoices are sent via email the 20th of the month, and payment terms are net 10. Payments are made electronically.

By working together,

we both achieve success.


Billable Hours

I touch base with my clients regularly to discuss projects and the status of billable hours. I work on two platforms:

Retainer:  Clients pay me for a set amount of my time each month, and we have ongoing projects

Project:  Clients work with me on specific projects, and pay a portion up front, and the balance at project completion

In addition to my time, there may be expenses incurred while we are working together (postage, software, printing, etc.)

as we go

How it begins

You may email me or complete the form below.

I will contact you to discuss:

  • Your business

  • Your goals

  • Your administrative needs

Then we'll discuss:

  • My business

  • How I can give you the gift of time

  • Any questions we might have