The gift of time. What does that mean exactly? If you were given the gift of time, what would you do with it? Would you spend it with family? Would you grow your business? Would you travel? Wouldn't it be great to find out?! 

​Imagine are a busy business owner and things are rockin'. It's exciting, but you're finding you don't have enough time to handle the oh-so-many details. You would love to spend more time growing your business. You would also love to have time to enjoy the things in life that energize you. But how do you do that without spending lots of money or hiring an employee?


Rebecca Metz

Kris brings a wealth of professionalism, expertise, and experience to her role as a Virtual Assistant.


Her quick response and diligence in work are exceptional. Her ability to take initiative with projects makes her a valuable asset to my company.



You can get help with a variety of projects in your business or your life. Not sure what those could be? Read more below.

Teresa Thomas
Speaker & Networking Expert

​​Kris is an absolute dynamo. I know her work in several ways: 

1) I've seen her in action representing her clients. Her follow through it exceptional. 
She makes things happen! 
2) My own VA and Kris hold high esteem and respect for each other 
3) Colleagues who have hired Kris have told me how very happy they are with her work 
4) She is an active and enthusiastic member of WIN who in a BIG way helps us to maintain a warm, welcoming, supportive and dynamic culture.



You don't have to imagine having more time. You can have it. I can provide you with the gift of time. 

Yvonne Kinney-Hockert
Business Coach, Consultant & Professional Speaker
Consulting Solutions

​Kris, I am so grateful that you and I met!  
You have been so helpful to me in my business by creating templates that allow me to communicate to my assistants as well as being a great person to refer my own clients to. I know that I will be a hero in their eyes after they have the opportunity to meet and work with you! 

Thank you, Kris for all of your help!

the gift of time