What's a Virtual Assistant (VA) anyway?

I'm a business owner who handles the administrative details for my clients without ever setting foot in their offices (unless I want to). I build long-term collaborative relationships with my clients, and handle the details as they would. I save them time and money, because I eliminate the need to hire an employee. 

I'm an independent contractor, so my clients pay only for the time spent on their projects. They do not pay for lunch, coffee breaks, insurance, benefits or any other associated costs they would have with an employee. They don't have to provide office space, because I work from my virtual office.

The virtual assistance profession has been in existence for approximately 16 years. With the explosion of technology and the internet, there is almost no task that can't be handled virtually. It's an amazing way to work.


Long-time member of International Association of Administrative Professionals

I am always working on my professional development, so that I may provide more services to my clients. 

Hi! I'm Kris Jamieson, Virtual Assistant and Owner of Resourcefully Yours. I have been an administrative professional for more than 25 years. Since earning a Bachelor's degree in Office Administration from Southwest Minnesota State University, I have been assisting high-volume corporate executives in various industries. After graduating from Assist University, I launched my business - achieving a life-long dream. Now I have the privilege of helping my clients achieve their dreams.

I value my client relationships and love to laugh and have fun while we are accomplishing goals together. I am a trusted business partner whom my clients can depend on. I am an active problem-solver, idea-generator and sounding board.

My job is to give you more time.​

Your job is to decide what to do with it.

About kris

National Notary

Long-time member of National Notary Association.

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about resourcefully yours

Comprehensive administrative support for you and your company

Resourcefully Yours was born in 2008 with one goal in mind: to provide outstanding virtual administrative assistance to valued clients in order to give them more time. That time could be for family, to grow a business, or to relax and just "be". Deciding what to do with extra time is a problem I leave with my clients.


Confidentiality and Ethics 

Confidentiality of client information is very important to me. I am proud to uphold high standards in my business - and my life.


Mutual Respect and Value

I am a business owner, and understand the pressures that come with it. I respect my clients' time and money. I make sure that our relationship is one of mutual respect for our time and expenses.

I like to share new tools, software, technology, etc. My clients and I share information about their industries: trends, changes, challenges, etc. This mutual sharing of general information keeps everyone on top of his/her game.

How does it work, exactly?

I use the computer, internet, email and phone to handle the administrative needs of my clients. Because our relationship is virtual, my clients and I can be located anywhere in the world. 

I'm a business "partner" in the sense that I genuinely have an interest in my clients' businesses. Helping them succeed is how I succeed. I'm an active problem-solver, idea-generator, and sounding board. My goal is to help my clients achieve their goals. That's just one of the many exciting things about being a Virtual Assistant.


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